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Visitors to St. Lucia, known as THE HELEN OF THE WEST, (as it changed hands 14 times between the British and the French), will almost immediately be greeted with the fact that how exotically green it is.  Our Island is 238 square miles and is dotted by protected parklands that preserve its lush foliage which serves as home to parrots, wild birds and a range of four-legged critters that usually avoid human contact.

Inspite of the influx of tourism and the commercialization of most Caribbean Islands, St. Lucia has managed to remain unspoilt and boasts the best hospitality as far as its inhabitants.  Traditionally, they are the friendliest West Indian People.  "Service with a smile", but don't mistake their sometimes old fashioned reserved nature for lack of enthusiasm. 



Topographically speaking, St. Lucia is mountainous and has a volcanic appearance.  In fact, its two most widely known landmarks are Les Piton, twin mountain peaks that drop dramatically to the water's edge near Anse Des Pitons on the Island's West Coast.  This site is beautiful and alluring.  (check our website for Property called Maison d'Etoille for sale located at the base of the Gros Piton).


The Island has been occupied by a number of European Invaders, but the influence of the French is still most deeply felt today, in the names of its cities, towns and bays, in the architecture still evident today and in the French-inflected patois spoken by islanders here.  English, however, is spoken at all the major hotels, major tourist attractions and Restaurants.

One of the Island's main attraction and located in the South of the Island near a town called Soufriere  is the Sulphur Springs Volcano, where visitors can get up close to bubbling pools of lava and steaming sulfurous spouts.  Another popular site around the same area is the Diamond Waterfall and Mineral Baths, where visitors can splash in the sulphur-infused waters, where legend has it that a bath in the Springs can cure anything that ails you.  Nearly all types of water sports is offered by major hotels in the North and South i.e water skiing, snorkeling, and windsurfing.

The North however, consists of Castries which is the Capital and Gros Islet located in the Extreme North.  There you will find some of the best beaches, night clubs with nightly activities, restaurants and hotels.

For all its modest (150,000) population, St. Lucia has produced in recent years 2 Nobel Prize Winners.  The Late Sir Arthur Lewis (Economics), and Hon. Derek Walcott for Literature in 1992.



The Island appeals mostly to individuals seeking a more laid back lifestryle. Not particularly suitable for young adults e.g. appeals greatly to yachts people and owners of power boats because of its excellent Marina.  St. Lucia is fast becoming an important base for sailing and boating.

Major events on the social scene, facilities for music, sports, marinas etc. are the Jazz Festival in May, Carnival in July, a newly built International Standard Cricket Ground in the North of the Island and a Football Stadium in the South.  St. Lucia also boasts an 18 hole Championship Golf Course at Cap Estate and a 250 Berth full service Marina & Haul in Rodney Bay.

Our transportation links are served by our two Airports, the largest in the South Hewannora and George F.L. Charles in the North.  The Major Airline Links are British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and BWIA from the UK, Air Jamaica, American Eagle, BWIA and Delta from the USA and Air Canada from Canada.

A brief overview of financial situation, tax rates and incentives are that both Personal and Corporate tax rates have been steadily reduced over the years to their current levels of 30% & 33.33% respectively.  Tax incentives are available for specific Investments/Developments notably in the light Industrial and Tourism Sectors.  New off-shore Financial Services were just recently introduced. 

Closing costs for purchasers/vendors/Aliens Landholding license are as follows.  For Vendors, there is no capital gains tax, rather a set 10% sales of Vendors tax.  On purchase, non nationals pay an Aliens Licence fee depending on the cost and amount of property purchased ý e.g. up to 1 acre of land EC$5,000; 1-10 acres EC$10,000 and 10-20 acres $20,000.  Legal fees and Stamp duty total a further, approximately 4%.

The range of the properties available on the market are Marina-front Town Houses from US$185,000 - $400,000 and Better Private Homes with Pool from US$495,000 to $1,900,000.

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